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Here is your 1 search result for Tours, Attractions & Activities in Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina, Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-Night Multiday Tour from Mostar

Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-Night Multiday Tour from Mostar - Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina
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Duration: 4 days
Location: Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

From USD

Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and its sights during this 4-day tour. Mostar is the capital city of Herzegovina ... More info ›

Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and its sights during this 4-day tour. Mostar is the capital city of Herzegovina. The Old Bridge is the main cultural monument which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Mostar got its name by the keepers of the bridge: The Mostars. Learn about the history of Mostar and its surrounding: Blagaj, Počitelj, Međugorje etc. You can enjoy unique and unforgettable touristic attractions: Rafting on Neretva, mountaineering on the beautiful mountains of Herzegovina, being present on traditional attractive Old Bridge jumps, magical music nights, enjoying local gastronomic delicatessen and much more.

Day 1: From Airport to Mostar

We take care of you from the moment you land on one of the airports near Mostar. It can be airport Sarajevo, Dubrovnik or Split. Transport is performed in an air-conditioned minibus, with coffee bar, mini bar, free internet access and TV/DVD. Each of these trips towards Mostar is a unique experience because the landscapes which you will pass through are simply magic and breathtaking. You a stay in a 5-star hotel with superior touristic treatment, which includes free use of spa center, gym, pool, steam baths and Finnish and salt sauna.

Day 2: Visit Herzegovina
Visit Mostar and its surrounding like Međugorje, Kravice, Počitelj, Žitomislići, Blagaj, Podveležje, Ruište. Follow your guide and discover he Old Bridge (part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List), which was originally built in 1566. during the Ottoman Empire and according to many, is one of the 10 most beautiful bridges in the world. See Međugorje, one of the most popular and most visited site of Catholic pilgrimage in Europe, and head to one of greatest river springs in Europe, the spring of Buna in Blagaj, next to which a beautiful Muslim complex is built and referred to as Tekija. You are also going to see an amazing waterfalls of Kravice, in addition to many other admirable and interesting places.

Day 3: Rafting on Neretva or visit Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia
Feel the adrenaline on 4 rapids, pass under a waterfall shower, drink water directly from a natural spring, enjoy a delicious barbecue (grilled meat, vegetables, pita bread) in the Rakytnica canyon, jump from cliffs to deep water, swim in rapids. Also joy with us Horse Riding, Trekking or visit with us Dubrovnik or Split in Croatia.

Price tour, among other things, includes the best traditional food and wine.

Day 4:
Transfer from Mostar to your chosen airport.

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