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Hike the Old Tobacco Trading Road in Bosnia - Konjic, Bosnia Herzegovina

About This Tour

Duration: 6 hours
Location: Konjic, Bosnia Herzegovina
Product Code: 10820P3

Activity Details

Adventures of tobacco smugglers are parts of legends connected to the mountains of this area. The story presented on this tour of the Old Tobacco Trading Road in Bosnia is reminder of those people and the uncertainties they were exposed to in these mountains.

Join this fascinating tour which hikes the Old Tobacco Smuggling Road. The tour will be informative, educating participants on the history of this old practice. Due to its geographical position, Herzegovina is a region where growing tobacco has a long tradition dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Tobacco used to be a necessary supplement to the financial economy and it was known as "yellow gold."

Back in the day, tobacco could be grown freely for personal use, but then a tax called "mururija" was enforced and applied to crops sold. Faced with poverty, farmers were forced to learn a new craft called the "peddlery," and began to smuggle tobacco. It was a profitable but dangerous job that required ingenuity and skill to avoid the police.
The tour involves a moderate amount of walking and uneven surfaces.

Type of Activity

Outdoor Activities > Hiking & Camping >

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