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Rafting and Hiking 4-Day Tour in the Neretva River Valley - Konjic, Bosnia Herzegovina

About This Tour

Duration: 2 days
Location: Konjic, Bosnia Herzegovina
Product Code: 10820P4

Activity Details

Get a chance to learn about Konjic and it’s history, it’s position in Ex Yugoslavia and it’s endless traditions, feel Neretva’s power through one day rafting trip and walk the old tobacco smuggling trail.

    Join this tour, carefully prepared as an extended weekend offer. You can adapt the start and end day, just let the supplier know your preferences and plans can be adjusted.

    Standard weekend tour starts on Thursdays and lasts till Sundays but there is an option for it to start on Friday and end on Monday.

    Four active days and three nights have been arranged and booked for relaxation and fun by the river. Through this tour you will get a chance to learn about Konjic and it’s history, it’s position in Ex Yugoslavia and it’s endless traditions, feel the Neretva’s power through one day rafting trip, walk the old tobacco smuggling trail and enjoy the nature of this area.

    If you like adventure, then Neretva canyon is the right place for you.Rafting on this river, during the summer months, takes about 3,5 hours where you can enjoy in 18 kilometres descent down the river, while during the winter months you can use a unique opportunity and enjoy in a pristine beauty of this region by descending down the river for 7 kilometres. The most important thing of every rafting is your safety so there will be an experienced and licensed skipper and a full water gear.

    Konjic is the town with rich history, that you can learn through this tour with untouched nature. Visit Boračko lake, hills and sights around Neretva canyon. For the hiking part of the tours, you will need to have hiking equipment (hiking shoes, sun protective gear, water for the hike and sticks for hiking - if you have used them before while hiking).

    Type of Activity

    Multi-day & Extended Tours > Multi-day Tours >

    Type of Booking

    Confirmation from supplier in 12-48 hours of booking.

    Voucher Option For This Activity

    The local operator accepts both printed and electronic vouchers (e-vouchers). If you travel with a mobile device, simply show your Photo ID and present your e-voucher on your Smartphone or tablet on the day of travel.

    Local Operator Information: Complete operator information including local telephone numbers at your destination, are included in your Confirmation Voucher.

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